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Our recent trip on the ROP Love Bus. Sharing some Love in Immokalee


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Salons Closed - Columbus Day 10-9-2017

Pictured below is little Ricky, a young boy with down syndrome.  His family was living in one of the trailers I visited last Wednesday.  Ricky has been through 4 operations in his young life, 2 of them for his heart condition. 

There is a major concern for him living in these conditions, which can significantly increase his chance of pneumonia.  Their family along with many others have damages which includes: a leaking roof, missing panels exposing the home to environmental conditions, electrical issues (no way of cooking food/no A/C) and now mold growing inside their home.

Both families I visited were denied any help by FEMA and do not have the means to fix these dire needs.  Everyone in their family works full time, so they have not been able to “stand in the lines” to receive supplies or assistance.  They humbly told me to “help others” as they felt others needed help more than they did.

Little Ricky from Immokalee, Florida

We hope, as the community sees the dire needs of these families they can contribute to quickly improving their living conditions. We have been working with community leaders to help to determine what families like these need, so we can help them recover. 

To assist in this recovery all Robert of Philadelphia locations will be closed Monday, October 9th , Columbus Day. We usually close this day for a company retreat however this year the ROP family is renting a bus for all 50 of us to go Immokalee to assist with the distribution/contribution of aid to families like Ricky’s and others in need at the Immokalee technical college which is working with the school district to serve as a central location for donations. Distributing to the Immokalee school’s children.

Although, our trip with our ROP family will be this Monday, we will continue to help until these all these needs of the community have been met.

Thank you for your continued love and support of the Robert of Philadelphia family!

See you at Salons on Tuesday!

Robert of Philadelphia Salons Hurricane Irma Update 9-12-2017

We hope you and your loved ones are safe now that IRMA has passed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your families and your friends.

Hurricane Irma was a terrifying experience with many people reporting large trees down, loss of power and some with significant damage to their homes. One of our own had his entire roof blown off and lost everything.

The most important thing to let you know is there were no injuries to any of the ROP family, all the salons and the centers they are in are in good shape with the exception of some downed trees and no electricity.

Many of the ROP team are returning home and officials are working to restore electricity and water.

In this recovery if you or anyone you know need assistance in any way please email me directly

We will continue to update you periodically on our website and through email with information regarding our planned re-openings and other information. Again our thoughts and prayers are with you and please be safe. Thank you for being a part of our ROP family. We miss you and look forward to seeing you soon!

Rob, Tracey and the Robert of Philadelphia Family