Who are we?

Who are we?


We are an upscale teaching salon

Family business established in 1980 with 3 beautiful (expensive)  locations.
2 in Naples and one in Bonita Springs

50+ employees (not booth rental or suite) Everyone is an Employee not a 1099 contractor

Benefits: health insurance, dental, vision , 401k plan, Continuing intensive education, all taxes paid, all supplies, hair color, foils, towels, insurances, Guest amenities, prosecco, red wine, Pino grigio, Espresso, Cappuccino, Mochaccino, Full support staff, Top of the field desk coordinators  

During pandemic shutdown: No one was laid off or cut back. Everyone received full pay the entire time.

In the last 2 years our team has grown an average of 15% in the toughest 2 years of the salon business.

We average 400 guests a week
Our average Salon Guest ticket is $128.00

What we measure is guest happiness.

The ultimate measure is not gross sales but guests coming back to our business. Retention and prebooking. Falling in love with our salon family culture and never wanting to go anywhere else.

2.   Role of a Stylist Associate (Co-Stylist)

Supporting your co-Stylist and the entire salon in creating an amazing guest experience for the entire ROP family.

We work as a team. There is no internal competition for clients.

Together you will be:

Serving, greeting, consulting, formulating color, shampooing with earth shattering head neck and shoulder massage, salon prep, guest prep, blowouts, and most of all being a sponge and learning from the team to get your master’s degree in Hair.

Attend our advanced training classes which are on Mondays from 10am to 2pm

Every day there is one on one training that takes place between you and the salon stylists.

Pathway to success

Everyone is unique and different. You each have different qualities, strengths and contributions. We look at all areas throughout your career and reward you based on your overall contribution to the entire company. It’s not only how great you are at hair. Are you kind, loving, generous, supportive, humble, hardworking, open minded, like a sponge, driven, upbeat , forgiving, assertive, a good student , etc etc etc. No right way to be. Just be you.

3.   How much do you make in the ROP Masters Program?

Level 1
Associate stylist No license

$12 an hour plus tips [ average $20 an hour total]
expect to make a minimum of $40 to $60 a day in tips.
If you are not earning that as a minimum something is missing in the service.

Level 2
Associate Stylist + Florida licensed & ROP certified for guest blowouts

$15.00 an hour plus tips [average $23 an hour total]

Level 3 Additional certifications for more guest services as determined by educators
3-month performance $1.00 to $3.00 increase

Level 4 Additional certifications for more guest services as determined by educators
6- and 9-month performance $2.00 to $5.00 increase

Stylist $20 to $25 an hour base plus tips.  certifications for more guest services as determined by educators

[On an $85 haircut & $100 root retouch you should average a minimum of $30.00 in tips alone from that one guest]

MEASURES Guest count Average ticket  Pre-book Retail per guest Client retention

4.   How do I apply?

Sign up to shadow a stylist to get to know our culture. That starts the process.  
Sadly only about 20% of cosmetology graduates are still in the business in 5 years after completing school. We are committed to transforming this and supporting the success of EVERY graduate in the industry.