Help Spread Kindness

Help Spread Kindness

Who do you know that could use some special love and kindness right now?
Someone in your life that is dealing with some challenges. It may be someone that is having some health problems, they were just diagnosed with cancer or someone they love was diagnosed and they are the caregiver.
Someone in your life is going through some major life changes, a divorce, separation,
someone special has passed in their life, a caregiver who could use some love.
There are many situations that make life difficult and sometimes giving a little love and kindness can help lift their spirits to help them get through this. We’d like to do our part.

Nominate them for one of our spreading kindness makeovers.

We’ll set them up for a transformational makeover in our Salon:
We have set up special days and love team to do our part in lifting their spirits with some love and kindness.

There are no fees or charges for this. This is from the heart!


Details of the person submiting the nomination.

Nominee Information

Details about the person being nominated.
Whatever you think will help make their experience better