Problems Regarding CAM Charges and Budgeting.

Problems Regarding CAM Charges and Budgeting.

Received this email 8/17/2023 8 months after Calendar year 2022 ended


Attached are Village on The Bay Open Items statements showing a combined outstanding balance of $7,099.15. Please forward payment to the address noted below.

Thank you”

Barbara I assume this is again because of miscalculated 2022 CAM Charges.

These recurring issues with the overspending of the Common Area Maintenance allocation is a problem.
It’s starting to feel like how the Federal government spends more than it has and just prints more money instead of operating within its means.. WE AS TENANTS DO NOT HAVE THAT LUXURY.

We work hard to operate our businesses within our means but yet those responsible for CAM spending consistently go beyond the limits. We are left to find out about spending mistakes 7 months after the fact when it is too late and impossible for any of us to retroactively adjust sales/expenses to recoup these additional fees from a season that has already passed.

In our 40-year history with various properties, we have never encountered this inability to operate within a budget with other landlords and locations.
It is indeed possible to manage CAM expenses within the set budget. Where is the accountability?

The most recent and only communication we received was an email dated August 16th from Barbara, with a summary statement saying” you owe us, send a check.”
There was no explanation or reconciliation for the overages in 2022 CAM spending.
At least last year we received a letter from David with some explanations for the overspending, accompanied by the assurance of “collaboration with vendors to achieve competitive rates for services.” It appears that these efforts failed.

The lack of any communication regarding these financial mistakes is disconcerting. Your recent email has been the first I have heard of this situation. It’s important for all parties involved to have a clear understanding of the problems when they occur.
Moreover, the timing of these additional expenses is noteworthy.
Presenting us with a bill for an extra months rent during the slower summer months, which also happens to coincide with one of the most challenging years in recent history, is a significant concern.
Many businesses are facing financial difficulties during this time, and having to write you a check with absolutely no notice at all equivalent to almost an additional month’s rent is a substantial burden. As business owners, we are accustomed to adapting and being resourceful, especially in challenging times. It is perplexing why this ongoing issue with budgeting for CAM fees and no communication persists.

Is there any explanation of the overspending trend? and what steps are being taken to rectify this situation and improve the budgeting and spending process moving forward?

(If any communications were snail mailed we did not receive anything at any of our locations. I asked Barbara back in May about any shortfalls in CAM which we received in May of 2022.. at that time there were no reconciliations or communications 5 months after year end.)